Thursday, March 18, 2010

Forgotten Memos

So I realized, in my slackiness that is my blogging abilities, I've not really mentioned many day to day things that have gone or been going on. So, for the record or just because, here they are.

M lost her first tooth on February 20th. Sigh. Yes, my firstborn is officially a big girl now. That sucker hung on forever and no matter how much CJ tried to bribe M to let him take it out she wouldn't fall for it. Mum was visiting and that morning we were selling Girl Scout cookies so we had to get up earlier than we usually do on a Saturday, and M called me as I was getting her clothes ready, and there was the tooth, just sitting in her hand. The funny thing is the tooth that fell out was the first tooth that came through when she was a baby, and mum was there when that happened too! She wanted to save the tooth and bring it to show and tell on Friday, and she did it, and then... we lost it at the park right after school. No joke. So she drew the tooth fairy a picture of what happened, and the tooth fairy was very understanding and left her $3.

Valentines Day was lovely, CJ got me beautiful roses and some presents, and then surprised me with a babysitter for the kids and he took me to dinner and a movie. Dinner was good and the movie was great. We saw Valentines Day, and I loved it. Even CJ admitted it was funnier than he thought it would be. I'm all for shmoopy movies though, I'm a sucker for them!

Our new Temple is opening soon!! I'm excited to go to the open house. You can bring children to the open house... right?

Some friends and I threw a surprise baby shower for a sweet friend last week and made oreo pops. WAY easier than cake pops, lemme tell you. And then she had the baby three days later, and we got to see her on their way home. Oh heavens... what a little doll.

J has graduated out of speech therapy!! Yep... just 7 months into it, and he caught on so quickly and just excelled through it, and they retested him, and he even tested above in some areas now! So proud of him, it's just amazing how different he is now.

P is really starting to participate in Joy School now, which is really nice, I won't lie. He's a smart kid, but just never really participated in lessons both at Joy School and in Primary. But now he's coloring so much more and actually is drawing people now! He's never really cared for coloring, but it's amazing how detailed he can get. It still looks like scribbles, til he tells you what everything is and then you get it.

M is getting ready for her spring ballet recital, and already has one of her costumes. Not gonna lie, I totally get giddy whenever I see it. It's hanging in the coat closet with strict instructions from Miss Hilda for nobody to touch even the bag that it's zipped up tight in. Her second costume comes in April, I can't wait to see it. May 22nd, here we come!

CJ's big 3-0 is coming up! May 27th... dum dum duuuuummmmmm. Oh, you bet I'll be rubbing it in. He was meeeeeean when it was my 30th, he's getting it right back. Not sure how we'll celebrate it, but it'll be fun.

The reunion!!! I'm getting so excited for summer, ferrizzle. We're going to drive it and just take our time and camp out, so it's going to be fun! SAM AND MANDY, here is your forewarning. We will be seeing you and stopping and harassing you and so now you will be happy and giddy until we come. M'kay? :) When we get to Salt Lake/Provo area we'll stay in a hotel for a night or two so that we look presentable for seeing any friends who want to hang out while we're there (lemme know!). Then it's on to Wyoming and Yellowstone, and then off to NorCal for about 10 days. Anyone who will be there in mid to late July, let me know (Karin?). Such fun!!!

Need to get the kids swimming. (Jessie...... oh Jessie....)

Okay, I really can't think of anything else right now, but I'm sure I forgot something. Because I have no memory left at all. Oh... but my bracket is looking ama-za-zing right now, I love the first round!!


Becca said...

So fun to hear some of your day-to-day things and just know what's going on with you guys. You are such a fun mommy! I miss you my little maple leaf! :)

Amber said...

Hey we would love to see you guys if oyu have enough time while here. If you need to you are more than welcome to stay here also.