Monday, September 28, 2009

M's 5th Birthday Party!

Sorry, almost a month late (and over a month since my last post, eeps), but Blogger and I weren't getting along, and then Photobucket wasn't playing nice either. Plus we went to Northern California for a week and then decided to play "pass the sick germs" in the house. Yuck. I'll hopefully get another post up pretty soon of our time in Nevada City, we all had a great time, and got to see cousin Doug marry gorgeous Becky in the Sacramento Temple. Just beautiful.

ANYWAYS... here's a slideshow of photos from M's birthday party. It was a blast! Perfect weather other than the wind that refused to let us light the birthday candles, we ended up just telling her to pretend to blow them out, heheh! The kids had a blast, didn't hurt that we had it at our park and we have a playground right there. Hot dogs, chips and watermelons made it delicious, not to mention the cake AND the pony pinata that wouldn't die. Seriously, every kid got two turns trying to break it, we ended up getting CJ to bust it open. The kids didn't care, which is the best part about being a kid; who cares about the process as long as you get the candy at the end! The party made me realize how much I love our friends here, we had a blast just talking and laughing with everyone, I'm just so lucky to have such a great network of people that I know I can turn to whenever I need help. Thank you to all who came, I hope you had as much fun with us as we did with you!


ekedesignstudio. said...

looooooooooove it! look like M had a fabulous birthday party!

Shy said...

Looks like good time for all! Happy Birthday to You and M!! Sorry I haven't made it by we have been sick once again. Beautiful cake BTW where did you get it?

ellen s. said...

love the slide show!

i saw you followed the forward progess blog...there is a new prompt posted!