Friday, July 31, 2009

A New Addition!!!!

Meet Macey!
Hahahahahah. Not what you thought it would be, was it? "About that time", you're thinking... well, neener neener, gotcha! Sorry, the only new baby I plan on dealing with for now is this widdle cutie.
We adopted her because we'd been talking about getting another dog for awhile, and we happened on her, and she just snatched up our hearts with her little paws and took off. She's a black lab cross, but I think she looks more german shepherd than black lab. And who knows what gave her that skinny long tail!
The kids adore her, she's pretty good with them too, other than the odd excited puppy nip. Molly gets along with her too, good thing Molly's such a calm dog, because Macey has some spunk in her. The second night we had her she was trying to get Molly to play with her, and kept rearing up on her back paws and hopping at Molly with her front paws extended to the side. CJ and I were laughing so hard, it was the wierdest thing to see. And Molly just lay there like "you've socked three kids on me, how much worse can one puppy be..."
I have to admit, I love having her because she totally makes for a great target to practice with my camera. I'm paying for it through potty training her though. Blech. Have to say this makes me appreciate diapers a whole lot more.

Macey and Molly (and Ps hand, I believe)

How she lays sometimes. Cracks me up!
Can't leave the Mollster out!

Sleeping and hoping for food drops


Mary Lynn said...

What a cutie!!! And once again just LOVE your pictures! You are so good!

K. Crafton Photography said...

I just want to squish that little face with kisses! So sweet!

Kate Monroe said...

Great shots! Dagney lays like that too... I call it her "Suuuuuuperdog!" pose. I'm glad the kids (human and animal) are all getting along so well.

Burnett Business said...

how fun!!! you are a great photographer

Faith- Inspired Designs by Faith said...

what sweet puppys!

Troy and Becca said...

Your new doggie looks sweet - how old is she?

Hilary said...

I was hoping you were pregnant! Nice catchy title. Seriously, we need to plan a Vegas vacation. I'm due in January so it needs to be before that