Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Oh, four year olds are a BLAST.

Okay, I posted this on one of my "imaginary friends" sites, but I didn't think I was brave enough to do it here. But since I figured out who my stalker was (it's so NOT the other way around, MaryBeth totally follows me everywhere), I figure I should post this. Maybe then she'll see just how whack my family is and be done with me. (Which would secretly make me sad, because who doesn't like a stalker? Plus she has a wicked sense of humor, it's like a twofer in a stalker!)

*deep breath*

We went to Target with Kim and Isaac like we do all.the.time, and we'd just had a snack at their food court, so the kids had their lemonade still as we were walking around. I made the mistake of putting M's lemonade by J in the seat of the shopping cart, forgetting that he likes--no, LOVES to play with cups. J takes it and drops it over the side of the cart, spilling lemonade all over the aisle floor. Luckily we're in the camping aisle in the back corner of the store, so no one around us. M gets upset and starts saying that she wants more lemonade, and I tell her "when we leave we'll get some more lemonade for you". Thinking that's the end of it, I move the cart forward so I'm not standing in lemonade and I'm talking to Kim about what I should do, whether to just scram from the aisle or be a good customer and call someone to clean it up, then I notice M isn't beside me, not a good sign.

She's freaking on her hands and knees, licking up the stupid lemonade from the floor. I let out a high-pitched screech, one that I probably couldn't imitate if I tried, yank her up, and book it out of the aisle, not stopping til we're at least five aisles away, where Kim finally catches up as she's still trying not to laugh hysterically.

Oh, and M was completely furious at me that I didn't let her "lick up" the lemonade. Apparently she was really thirsty.

I've got stellar mothering skillz, no doubt.


Lacie said...

That is totally something Ethan would do (and has done, only it's mostly licking water off the ground at the sprinkler park). Ick.

Jen said...

Oh yuck! My boys try to drink the muddy puddle water because the dog does it. I don't even like the dog to do it, so you can imagine my reaction when I catch them at it...much like yours!

Melanie said...

oh sick... I guess now you can laugh at it. Well maybe later on you will. I was laughing pretty hard. Thanks for the fun story it made my day.

Jesse Edwards said...

sick! but that's something gracie does...like pulling stuff out of the garbage and eating it. totally made me laugh!!!

Amber said...

LOl that is so disgusting.I am laughing so hard. The funny thing is I can imagine myself being there and I would be laughing so hard that I would probably pee my pants on the floor next to the lemonaid. j/k M you are awesome. Good job with your parenting Laurie, and how is Kim doing? When is she due?

Staci said...

I don't think I could ever get enough of that story! Your daughter is a crack up, I love it!!!

sues2u2 said...

Susan from bookclub here. I loved that story! At least the shriek got her to stop.

Great blog. Oh, the photo contest thing I was telling you about is WWWAT on americanmum.blogspot.com. It only happens once a month but it's pretty fun.