Thursday, June 19, 2008


This just hasn't been a fun week. First, M's preschool pictures still aren't here (they sent us some other childs pictures!). In fact, we had to call them two more times after our first conversation of them saying they'd call us within 48 hours. I finally emailed them everything that had been going on, and someone from their corporate headquarters called me within two hours to talk about it, she was really apologetic and helpful and now they're going to overnight the pictures to us. Hopefully that's the end of the story there, but it was making me pretty angry. Then the struts on our minivan went out two weeks ago (ironically around the same time as the picture fiasco started), and luckily I checked online and saw that Toyota had issued an extended warranty for them, because the dealership tried to tell us it would be about $400 to fix. Uhhh.. no, no thank you. So they said they'd call when the parts came in, yet we heard nothing (seeing a trend here?), so CJ called, and "somehow" our service order had been cancelled. So they re-entered it and said they'd call when they came in again. No call as of Tuesday, so we called again, and the guy said "um... your parts came in on Thursday.... didn't anyone call you to schedule a service appointment?" NO!!!!!!!!!! *tearing my hair out* He felt bad that we were getting put through the ringer and found us a time that afternoon to go in to get it fixed, so that's done too. I absolutely love my Sienna (ask anyone I know, it's pretty much my non-human baby *heheh* ) but this... ugh. But we've had amazing luck with Toyota til this, so I'm not holding it against them. (I/We have owned a Tercel, Celica, Corolla, and now our Sienna, so we're obviously pretty pleased with Toyota. :D ) Then they still hadn't finished the playground behind our house (there's a park around the corner from us, literally) even though the structure had been up for 3 weeks, and the kids were getting craaaaaanky at seeing the fun playground but not being allowed to play on it. Luckily they finished the rubber flooring under it, and now it's OPEN!!! We pretty much go everyday after dinner, it's a great way to burn off energy, and I totally use it as a bribe: "if you eat 2-3-4 more bites, we can go to the park..." It works, seriously.

J's finally starting to sit on his own, woo!!!! Little booger's getting so stubborn about his neck exercises though, at his PT appointment today he told Charlene off for most of it, screeching, crying and grumping. I'd feel bad for him, but it's for his own good and he'll thank us for it later. I hope. He's such a happy kid though, loves rolling around the floor and grabbing people's shoes, and eating. Oh, that kid loves to eat. He's discovered french fries (that was an accident) and also loves teething biscuits, and the only baby food he doesn't like is green beans. Can't blame him there, can I.

We went to Tucson for the PT appointment, and for most of the way back P and I played "GO TO SLEEP!" I have a video of him doing it somewhere, can't seem to upload it though. He thinks it's hilarious, and just loves to play it.

Ooh, speak of the devil, M's pictures just came!! Excuse the color, it's a little off from my printer.


mbr_flint said...

cute. She looks like she enjoyed that! ;) Her hair is getting so long.

Anonymous said...

Oh Laurie, she SO looks like you. You were often serious like that for YOUR school photos!
Can't wait for a copy :)

Staci said...

OMG, I can't believe how old she is looking!! She is soo cute! And did you ever think you'd see the day when she'd have enough hair for piggies, hehea? Sorry about your crappy week :-(

Jesse Edwards said...

Laurie she looks so much like you!